Re-import deleted transactions

Hi there,

I came across an annoying feature/bug combination it seems:

I imported a file with 41 transaction, YNAB (web) told me it imported 41.
However, there were only 36 transactions.

I deleted all of them to try again, now all of the transactions in the file are skipped and I cannot reimport.


This is a bug in my opinion, there needs to be an option to override this?


Thank you very much,

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  • After two years this really should be fixed - we should have some better options than

    1) Undo (if you haven't refreshed the page... seems highly likely you will have)
    2) Recreate a brand new account.... 

    Option 1 is a flip of the coin. Option 2 is a lot of work.

    Please just add a tickbox or something. Or provide some visibility of the previously imported records, which must be hidden but still exist, and allow users to edit those.

    The two options above - let's be honest - are quite limited. Allow people some better visibility. It's so easy to have some error occur when important, you delete the imports, you want to start again. Otherwise you wouldn't have people reporting this problem for 2 years.

  • This is extraordinarily frustrating. I will now have to delete and recreate an account with thousands of transactions, or enter hundreds of transactions by there no way this can be fixed?

  • I cancelled my subscription because of this and other issues

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  • This is absolutely insane. I just did this as the connection to AMEX isn't working and I was told to manually import the missing transactions(reconcile) and then they would move my connection to a new provider. I have no idea why importing transactions would default to an inflow when importing into a credit card account. What user story has someone importing a large number of transactions into a non investment account being inflows. I could not hit back far enough so deleted and tried again and now I am stuck. If I have to take my time to hand enter 70 transactions or do some other work around why not just take half the time to import into another solution? This is very frustrating and the reasons given do not make sense. There are plenty of better UX ways to handle this which have been mentioned. All of this driven by the connection to my credit card company no longer working. 

  • I lack the words to describe how inane this is. I just deleted one month of transactions to change a tiny thing I wasn’t happy about and now the effing UI won’t let me import them again... As a “safety net”…?! Oh, really?! And you’ve known about this issue for two years and still haven’t fixed it? MY GOD, what an absolute rubbish attitude shown towards your paying customers. If you tell me I should fix this by manually entering the transactions, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever touch your services again.

    • Gold Unicorn Import the desired transactions into a dummy account (new, temporary) and then copy them over to the correct account. 

      It's not intuitive, but it's only a few extra clicks.

      • Pink Major
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      Move Light Sound Life This is a reasonable workaround.  Much better than recreating accounts, manually entering transactions, changing dates back and forth etc.  I still think YNAB could be more responsive to customer requests and offer a limited override of the duplicate import restriction in situations where users are manually  deleting transactions and need to selectively and in a supervised situation re-import transactions (i.e. not affecting the automated ongoing import process that keeps the account current as new transactions are downloaded).  I encountered this problem almost immediately during my trial period and was frustrated by the lack of override option.  This is a passable solution that doesn't require time consuming manual error-prone entering and manipulation of transactions or establishing new renamed linked accounts with the same financial institution.  It isn't ideal but it is a reasonable workaround.  

    • Pink Major To be fair, this is exactly what support says to do.

      However, to people just learning the software, the work around is usually confusing enough to warrant saying the easiest way to fix it is manually reentering. 

      In my experience, that is exactly what happened. I was helping someone I know through this, but it was much less confusing for them to just manually get everything to a point where we could move forward. 

      If it happened to them again, I think they'd be comfortable enough with the software mechanics to utilize the dummy account. There was just too much trust needed when it didn't work the first time because I didn't look closely at the memo/payee when they imported (my bad).

      In the grand scheme of things, this situation can cause frustration as part of the learning curve for newbies, but it wouldn't be the straw that broke my camel's back. 

      Gold Unicorn There are other situations that would push me to excel (price increase, which I will blame on direct importing that I don't use), but setting up a spreadsheet that not only deals with the budget side (I've actually already got that) but also keeps category available amounts live and up to date with transactions would take a bit more work than I want to prioritize right now. 

      Not to mention the convenience features like automatically suggesting categories based on payee, scheduled transactions (oh, how would I do that? I use those heavily!), the interactive nature of the UI, pre-made reports, and just generally maintaining the thing without babysitting broken formulas/formatting.

      Regarding feature request implementation speeds... Historically, they're pretty slow, but they've gotten new product managers in the last year and things seem to be accelerating. Out of my top four persistant requests (no, I'm not persistantly submitting them, just thinking of them often), the Merge Categories came through recently (there have been others that were less important to me, but there you have it)!

    • Move Light Sound Life 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, and helping others facing this problem.

      For me, linking accounts to my bank to automatically get transactions was never an option. So, either way, my workflow would be importing transactions weekly or monthly to get the outcome compared to budgeted. Excelwize, stuff like categories and semi-automatic mapping of transactions to them took some work but was not all that bad. Scheduled transactions are just pasting a few transactions and updating the dates for them. Not ideal, but it works.

      But I agree with you - this is not work I cherish, and I would be happy to pay for a service that solved this for me, with the added benefit that the solution will be properly maintained and developed.

      I sincerely hope that someone at YNAB reads this thread, as to me it is a clear example on how not to act. Weighting the cost of adding a minute override option, with clearly losing business because of frustrated users, it would be apparent to most this is not the way to success.

  • Thanks Move Light Sound Life,

    But I’ve already cancelled my subscription and deleted my stuff. I almost went ballistic when I read the arrogant and plain stupid responses to valid concerns from users in this thread, so I’ll save myself the frustration.

    It is nothing short of astounding that they haven’t managed to make an option to override this in the three years since the first post in this thread.

    Interestingly, since my last post I’ve duplicated most what YNAB did for me using plain Excel.


  • So apparently, after 2 years of asking (constantly, over more than 60 replies here), it's *still* not possible to add a checkbox, deselected by default to not mess with anyone, that ignores duplicate checking on an import. 
    Messed up categorizing/saving and would like to repeat that import from scratch? Nope.
    Deleted transactions by accident and want to restore via import? Nope.
    Bank not supporting connections so you need to figure out the format and didn't get it on the first try? Nope (*)

    We don't need advanced features and logic to alleviate this problem. The checking mechanism is good, that is true, but not being able to go around it is a BUG. Just let us disable it for a given import.
    Sadly, apparently YNAB already has transitioned from a user oriented functionality-chasing app to a corporate money sink that is mostly marketing and "customer support" with no development backing.

    (*) also YNAB in itself is terrible in .csv import requiring a really rigid format, see how Goodbudget does it

  • Hello all,

    I am a new YNAB customer. Started two days ago. I'm still in the test period. Of course, I ran into this problem straight away. I had to delete transactions and now I can no longer import them.

    Honestly, I can't understand why there is no option for this. It should be up to each user to decide whether they want to import certain transactions again.

    I would be very happy if this were at least offered as an option.


    Translated with (free version)

    • Orchid Mainframe Make a different account register in YNAB and delete the messed up one. You don't even have to move transaction history over because you're new! This shouldn't mess you up in the least!

  • That would be a very big effort. I have already done all the budgeting. Including the adjustments of the categories.

    Then I wanted to transfer the transactions via CSV. I come from Germany and have to prepare the CSV of my bank accordingly. I made a mistake here. 

    So I deleted the transactions again, corrected my CSV again and wanted to upload it again. But it does not work.

    What happens if I make another mistake in the future? I don't want to enter every transaction manually.

    So I can understand what the previous speakers were saying. This is an essential feature.

    • Orchid Mainframe 

      Orchid Mainframe said:
      Then I wanted to transfer the transactions via CSV.

       This didn't translate well. Do you mind rewriting the sentence in German? I'm not fluent, but it might give me a better clue what you mean. 

      EDIT: It's the use of the word "transfer" that's throwing me off. If you have already budgeted and assigned categories, what are you trying to change with a re-import?

      Orchid Mainframe said:
      What happens if I make another mistake in the future? I don't want to enter every transaction manually.

       That's easy, too. Make a new account register, select all the good, old transactions in the old register, and use the edit menu to move them over to the new account.

      The import will then give you the transactions you need in the new register.

    • Orchid Mainframe If you need help with getting these transactions in your budget easily as Move Light recommends, we're happy to walk you through it via chat or email! You can reach out to our support team right from your budget

  • Is there a JIRA board for YNAB?  I.E. how are you tracking BUGS/enhancement requests?  I'd like to add my vote to purge deleted transactions.  This would allow for re-import the same data into YNAB.  

    • Chris Thanks for your interest in giving this feedback! We track Feature Requests in Support, and this form is the best way to ensure your thoughts get to the right people. :)

      If you think you see a bug, you can fill out the Bug Report! :)

  • So I tried the advice on how to re-import deleted transactions. Though it appeared to work, what I think ended up happening is all the transfers were lost. They appeared to still be in tracked, but the balances of the accounts which transferred money into the account I moved were all significantly changed.  :( 

    • Slate Blue Clarinet You might need to update the payees of any transfers that were deleted and re-imported, but then everything should be back on track! To be sure, reconcile all of your budget accounts. 

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