Updates released: 2018-02-21 (OAuth, Ruby client, and more!)

Today, we are introducing OAuth support for the API!  If you don't know what OAuth is, it is a secure flow for requesting authorized access to another user's budget.  This opens up the possibility for creating apps that integrate with YNAB, that other users can use.  That spiffy little project app you wrote to do something useful with your budget can now be used by others!  For more information about how to setup OAuth applications see the updates to the documentation here:  https://api.youneedabudget.com/#authentication.

Also, we now have a Ruby client library available! See:  https://api.youneedabudget.com/#client-ruby


In addition, the following changes have been made in today's release.

  • The POST /transactions/bulk endpoint had a performance issue that caused it to respond slowly when sending more than a few transaction to it.  Fixed.
  • The last_modified_on field on the GET /budgets/{budget_id} endpoint was not using proper RFC-3339 format.  Now it is!
  • Some misc improvements to documentation at https://api.youneedabudget.com
  • There is a new "Developer Settings" screen in YNAB: that lets you generate (and maintain) multiple Personal Access Tokens. 
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