First full month - panic averted due to budget being complete

I'm not sure if I'm posting this properly but here goes.  I started my budget the last week of February so I've had the first rollover.  I'm a contractor so I don't get a regular paycheck.  My major client has a deadline and pays about two weeks after invoice submission.  Usually the deadline for submission is the 1st and 15th of the month.  Of course I sometimes don't get the invoicing in until last minute.  This month I was doing the invoicing by the 1st of March (so I would get paid on March 15) but then found out the deadline was actually the 28th.  Result:  I had income on the 1st of March but now will not get anything until the 1st of April, having missed the deadline to be paid on the 15th.  Added to that is the fact that my professional dues must be paid by March 15th.  Usually I would be in a panic, but this month I had every cent of the money I received on March 1 assigned a job.  I even budgeted for the car payment that comes out on the 29th.  I will have to put the professional dues on the Credit card because I won't have enough funds until two weeks after they are due, but I know I will be able to budget that paycheck to repay the funds and not  increase my debt over the long term.   Although I won't have much room for error, I know all the bills will get paid throughout the month (even without any income on the 15th and my stress level is way way down.  I can't believe I spent my whole life essentially winging it financially and am finally seeing the results after only a couple of weeks.  Crazy!

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    Way to go! 

  • Hi Orange Mask !

    Being able to map things out and make a plan for your finances is a huge leap! Great job being able to put those ducks in a row, despite that missed deadline! :)

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