Black Friday looming, share your budget or saving tips and tricks!

Black Friday is just around the corner, or some have already seen sales start already. Among the confusion with all the sales locally in stores, we are constantly bombarded with sales ads about Black Friday online! I figure we can beat the FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling together and share some tips and tricks to save what money you have and not to spend more than you need to.

My first tip is to remember that Black Friday sales MAY NOT be sales, but rather year long discounts that stores often offer already. If a brand has 30% off all year long, having "Black Friday" on it doesn't mean it'd add 20%. 

My second tip is to think about what you're tempted to buy: Is it something you need? How many hours would you have to work to get back that amount of money (including taxes)?  

My third tip is set goals in YNAB for each person you're shopping for Christmas. Make them clear, so you know exactly how much you could spend per person. Write in notes.

What are your tips? Feel free to share!! Let's help each other.

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  • My tip is...stay home, and stay off the internet.  :)

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      lthompson Haha perfect solution :)

    • lthompson Good one, I personally try not to go into any store from right before Thanksgiving until after the first of the year, except the grocery store in the middle of the night.

      I used to work customer service, online from home, this time of year, actually starting today usually to the middle of next week, I would average about 6 hours off a day. Noticed that people get crazy this time of year.

      Personally what works for me is to have all my shopping down, except any food gifts by the first of October, one year I was finished by the end of July. That was a habit that I had way before working retail. I would see something that I knew so and so would love and get it and put it away.

  • I set up alerts for price drops for stuff on my list at and otherwise ignore the big sales

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  • Plan to Eat is having their annual Black Friday sale with is 50% off a yearlong membership.

  • We don't really do B&M Black Friday sales in my country, but one store I follow did have one a few weeks back (probably early to stop customers ordering from the US come Cyber Monday). I went armed with a short list of wants with current prices from other stores to ensure I was actually getting a deal.  One item I got was a new camera lens that was marked down 8% - yes, not much, but that was 8% off the already cheapest price in the country. Also went halves on a laptop for a friend for her birthday, cheapest that met her basic requirement on display was (for example not real) $500 and not the cheapest for that model in the country, but they had advertised a different laptop the previous day which had specs twice as good for $450 they were keeping hidden out back.
    So I would say: know what you want, know what it's worth, know who to ask if you can't easily find it, know your limits and know when to walk away.

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