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I currently assign earned interest on a savings account or CD, to an Earned Interest category  because I'd like a quick way to see how much interest is being earned without adding it up across accounts.

Question 1) Is this the best way to see a snapshot of earned interest? Any drawbacks?

Question 2) When the interested is imported, should I move it to the TBB category first, before moving it to the Earned Interest category?

Thanks for your help!

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    Note that you should be able to avoid the need for an earned interest category entirely as long as you give it a consistent payee name. You can figure out how much you've earned in interest then by doing a search for the payee name in the account register, and then clicking the "select all" to get a total of all transactions. In reports, you should be able to filter by specific accounts, if you need to see totals from just certain accounts.

    1. I'd do the search an account approach, then select all for a total.

    2. Personally, that's income, so it should be assigned to the TBB, and thus will show up as income within the reports. If you assign it directly to a category, YNAB will consider it negative spending in that category, like a return on a previous purchase, and it won't be considered income at all.

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    • Ben Thank you. 

      I marked all transactions in question as Interest Income, and was able to see how to highlight all transactions and get the total across all accounts.

      Appreciate the assistance!

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