Better way to keep a link between a tracking account and a category?

I have 2 categories: "House" and "Car".

I invest both money in the same tracking account that have $X+Y. How to link $X to "House" and  $Y to "Car"?

Do you guys have the same problem? How you deal with it?

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  • (I'm assuming here that when you say "tracking account" you mean "an account for tracking purposes", not an account that contains money that isn't part of the budget (referred to, at least in YNAB4 terminology, as a "tracking account").

    There isn't a way within YNAB to make that link. YNAB doesn't really care which accounts your money "lives" in, only that you have access to that money. If you want to keep those in sync, you'll need to do it manually. 

    That said, the usual way I'd handle that would be with a category group. You could do something like this:

    Category Group Name (maybe the name of your tracking account?)
    -- House Category
    -- Car Category

    This way, you can look at the category group header and quickly get totals for both your House and Car categories at once, reducing some mental math. If you compare the category group totals with your account balance and those two numbers don't match, you know that you'll need to do something to bring those into balance (transfer money between accounts, or between categories).

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  • The Relationship Between Your Budget & Your Accounts: It’s Complicated


    Don't bother trying to match accounts and categories. Just budget money where it's needed.

    I also don't recommend having investment accounts in your budget due to their volatile nature.

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      read that thing nolesrule posted, then read it again, and read it again. 

      This was the thing that most tripped me up when I started using YNAB and some folks on the other forum were kind enough to me to be unkind about it, if that makes sense. They didn't spend time telling me how to do what I wanted, they told me to not do what I wanted. 

      Dont match accounts to categories. Down that way lies madness, and in the other direction lies vastly simplified money management and the ability to maximize the interest potential of every dollar you have. 

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  • Hi Igorzovisk !

    There isn't a way to "link" the accounts to the categories, but you can still budget the funds towards those categories. If you try to budget account balances to categories it might get difficult to keep up with in your budget.

    Is there a reason you want to link the two? If there's a minimum payment you're trying to track, or an amount you're trying to reach, the Goals feature can help! 

    The link Nolesrule posted is a great resource and you might want to take a look at our Simplify Guide as well! :)

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