Relationship between Scheduled Transactions & Direct import

Hi all!

I just started my free trial of YNAB. I love budgeting, and i'm hoping i will love YNAB as a new way of working with my money! I had a question about scheduled transactions: could anyone give me an example on how they can be useful in conjunction with direct import?

With my regularly scheduled transactions (like rent), I already budget them out, so wouldn't that safeguard me from overspending? I pay rent via ACH. If I put in a scheduled transaction, wouldn't my rent post twice (the transaction from direct import and the one i manually input).   Could someone give me an example on how they use scheduled transactions to their benefit?


Thanks so much!


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  • Wouldn't they just merge?

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  • They match. So your scheduled transaction goes into the  budget on the day that it actually goes out,  and then when the transaction clears the bank that cleared transaction imports and matches with the one that you scheduled. 

     For rent, it's not probably as big of a deal,  but for things like utilities which vary it can be very useful.  The scheduled transaction allows you to quick budget the exact amount of that transaction for the month,  and then the imported transaction matches the one you put in via the scheduler. 

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  • Thank you so much!  Tried it out and figured out how it works :)

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