Income coming in mid-month

Morning folks, I'm coming to the the exciting "month end" part of my 34 day trial. I got paid today (whoop) and I can't quite decide what I need to do with the £££s that need budgeting. If I assign them to next months budgets then will they get lost as the month rolls over? Do I leave them in "to be budgeted" until I begin the new month?



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  • You can switch to March and budget the funds there or you can budget them in February as unspent funds will just roll to March anyways. If you need more money in any categories to be spent the remainder of this month, budget it in February.

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  • Thanks! I couldn't quite make out whether the budgets reset at the end of a calendar month or not. 

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      Lavender Snow 

      The Budgeted column resets to $0. This threw me for a loop at first!

      The Available column (if GREEN) rolls over from month to month. This is how you build up funds over time for True Expenses (annual insurance payments, emergencies, etc.).

      If your Available column is RED, (your Activity column is greater than your Budgeted column), it will reset to $0 and your TBB will be reduced by this amount OR something something credit cards - I don't use them so I so I don't entirely understand what happens there.

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    • Vibrant Yeah, that makes sense now. I've gone to March and allocated the TBB accordingly. Will see what happens tomorrow! Thanks

  • Positive category balances will carry forward.

    But FYI, If you have any overspent categories come month end, they will adjust to zero and TBB will be reduced by that amount to cover the overspending. If a category with a negative balance contains any CC spending that month, YNAB will assume you meant to take on new debt, even if the transaction that sent the category balance negative was a cash transaction.

  • So, unless you want to get confused, don't leave any categories in the red come month end.

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