Splitting YNAB after a breakup


My wife and I are splitting up. She will be taking the YNAB account. I have got my own account now and have it set up. However, I'd like to learn about how I can keep the history. I am keeping the bank account that was the main pot in the account and I'd rather not lose the transactions and have to start completely from scratch. Perfectly fine if that is what is needed but I understand there is a way of downloading the transactions and May be putting them into a new account. 

Any help appreciated. 

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  • On the old (her) YNAB account, hit the little arrow by the budget name top left, then Export Budget. It'll give you a .zip file. One of the CSV files in the .zip is labeled "my budget as of (date) - Register". Save it somewhere, start a new budget in the new (your) YNAB, and go to any account. Hit import at the top. Choose the Register file. It'll walk you through the rest. You can skip whatever accounts you don't want to import. And if you have your budget already set up you can specify which account from her budget matches which one in yours.

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    • FreshStart thank you. One less stress. 

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