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I didn't properly understand how to work the Credit Card category when I started YNAB a month ago. But now about to enter a new month I want to get it right. I pay off my card each month and my accounts are not linked directly to YNAB, I enter everything manually, if that matters. I want to enter the precise balance as it is today (different from what's on YNAB currently due to my confusion) and start the month of March properly - how can I correct things so that I can get this right? Nothing I've read or viewed seems to help - dummies version needed! Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Orange Hammerhead , I'm glad you asked! Let's get March off on the right foot! :) 

    It sounds like your balances aren't matching up between your bank and YNAB. So let's have you first reconcile your account (instructions via that link). Tag me when things are good to go there and we'll go to the next step!     

  • Hi Janelle,

    Thanks for your response. I'm not at all sure that I get this bit about reconciliation - but I had to make an adjustment entry of €25.75, no idea where that comes from or what it does! Will it all become clear as the month progresses?

    I should also confess to adding a new Credit Card category yesterday (to start from scratch as it were), which is the one I've now started to use and reconcile. But there is now still my original Visa category with a red minus of €10.23. Can I just delete this and move on?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Orange Hammerhead !

      In order to get rid of the original credit card category, you'd need to delete the credit card account - and in order to delete the account, you'll need to delete the transactions. If it's a duplicate account, deleting the transactions and account is correct. If you plan to keep that account, you can budget to cover the overspending. 

      To learn more about how credit cards work in the new YNAB, take a look at our Quick Start Guide to Credit Cards and consider taking our Master Credit Cards with your Budget workshop!

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