Date Entry in Classic

I feel like I must be missing something here.  When I'm entering the date on a transaction, after I hit the date field a calendar used to pop up.  Now when I hit it, a scrolling wheel of dates pops up.

It has done this a few times and I must be doing something to switch the format but I cannot figure it out.  I very much prefer the calendar option and want to get back to that. 


Any hints appreciated.

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  • Mobile app or desktop?

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    • dakinemaui mobile, android

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  • It's nothing you did, it's built in to the app. Not sure why they rolled their own instead of using the system/built-in date picker, but it is what it is. (It's actually been that way for quite a while now.)

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  • i just updated to Oreo, I bet that's what caused it.  Somehow 7 was forcing its calendar. 

    It's definitely switched a few times before. weird

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  • Heh.  Made me look.  Both Classic and the new app in iOS have the annoying scroll wheel instead of a calendar for the date.  If I were changing dates a lot, it would drive me nuts.  Fortunately, most of my app data entry is for the current day.

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