Uncategorized Transactions ?

If you have a list to upkeep for your budget, I find its easier to click in the  Budget section of Uncategorized Transactions. Go to this list and click on each item individually and just adjust the date, payee memo, etc. if need be. To me, this is faster and better than going to the Account page for this will take you to  exactly what is outstanding, left out and needs attention.

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  • Hi RAH ! Have you tried using the search tool in your account register? Type "Is: Unapproved or Needs Category", into the search box, for a list of those same transactions!

    Check out that link for other criteria you can search by or try experimenting in the search bar. It can be helpful! The "Is:" options are some of my most used in my personal budget.

    That might help streamline your workflow. Let me know how it goes! 😀

  • No, I have not tried the search tool.  Thanks, I will do ! Anything to make budgeting better:)

    • RAH — You're welcome! Happy budgeting! 🎉

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