Trouble Reallocating Funds

I've been using YNAB quite happily for 3 months now and have not experienced any technical difficulties until today, so I'm hoping this community will help me figure out my current dilemma.

When I set up my budget, I set a monthly funding goal for my husband's quarterly taxes. I'm happy to say that we've met that goal each month. But now that his tax bill is due, he's decided to pay it out of a savings account that we do not have in our YNAB budget. So I'd like to reallocate the funds saved thus far towards some of our other, long term goals.

Problem is that when I tried to reallocate those funds to different categories, it shows my budget for the tax category as negative for the equivalent amount. I deleted the goal and tried again - same story. When I set the available amount for the tax category to $0, my TTB goes into the red for total amount I had available in that category minus what I budgeted for this month. I've tried reseting the budgeted amount - same thing.

Any ideas for how I might reallocate those funds so that I'm not going into the negative for the category or for my TTB?

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  • This is a critical error that many new YNABers make. A savings account that you can and do spend from should definitely be on budget. I would encourage you to make an on-budget savings account and transfer the balance into it and allocate the funds to your categories.

    Or, you can leave it off budget, but you will have to record an inflow from the off-budget account to account for the funds used for taxes.

    Or you can delete the tax category and pretend you had no expense, which works well with the account that isn’t in your budget.

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    • HappyDance  I agree that all savings should be linked - we are in the middle of consolidating several separate savings accounts into one joint account that is linked to our YNAB budget. But that's not the issue here because the funds that I'm trying to move are all from linked accounts that are already allocated in my budget - I just want to move them from one category to another. mamster Your comment made me realize my error - I panicked because my budgeted column went negative, but my TBB is fine. Not a glitch after all - just not used to seeing negative signs in that budgeted column! Thank you for the help!

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      Forest Green Captain Great! This trips up a lot of people: negative in the Budgeted column is totally fine and normal; it just means you took existing money out of an envelope and put it somewhere else.

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  • HappyDance is right, but there's something else going on here, I think. If you've accumulated money in a category, moving it out of that category should not affect your TBB at all. (Your BUDGETED column will go negative, which is fine.) Could you post a screenshot?

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