New User of Online YNAB

Having migrated my YNAB file from YNAB4, I see a figure next to the "To Be Budgeted"

green box entitled "Funds for January". The amount given is £13,294.05

Can anybody help me by explaining  how that figure is calculated during the migration process.

I thought it would be the Available to Budget figure for January from YNAB4, but they do not match(about £35 difference). I am pretty happy overall using the new version but can't work out how the "Funds for January" amount is arrived at.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • The migration process is funky. YNAB4 is a round peg that you are shoving into the square hole on nYNAB. If you ever once used per-YNAB debt or the red arrow in YNAB4, your migration is going to be weird because those functions are non-existent in nYNAB. All you can do is mess with the budgeted column in January to do what ever it takes to make your available column March what is in YNAB4.  Also if you are a PIF credit card user, budget whatever it takes to get the credit card payment available categories to be the same number (except positive) as your credit card account balances on the left side of the screen. If you can’t do that without messing up your other category balances then you are either on the credit card float or carrying credit card debt. 

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  • Hi Sky Blue Network !

    To be Budgeted is the sum of the four values to its right:


    +Funds for [This Month, in your case, January] is the total of:

    • the amount leftover in To be Budgeted from last month
    • the amount Budgeted in Future from last month
    • all Inflow:To Be Budgeted transactions for the current month (including from Reconciliation Balance Adjustments)
    • any Starting Balance transactions with a date in the current month on cash accounts (not credit card accounts)
    • any positive credit card balances in the current month
    • any cash advances from a credit account to a cash account in the current month

    Can you identify any of those as the culprit for the $35? 


    And since you mentioned that you migrated, your To be Budgeted amount can be impacted by changes in the handling of overspending and future-dated transactions in the new YNAB. Here are a few scenarios that are common in many YNAB 4 budgets:

    1. In YNAB 4, if you overrode the recommended setting and kept overspending in the category (“turned the arrow to the right”), overspending would not be deducted from To be Budgeted in the following month. This meant your categories weren’t accurate. In the new YNAB, uncovered cash overspending is always deducted from To be Budgeted in the next month.

    2. Credit overspending in the new YNAB is simply absorbed as a part of your credit card account balance, and is not deducted from To be Budgeted.

    3. Any future-dated transactions you may have entered into your account registers in YNAB 4 have been converted into one-time scheduled transactions. This can also affect your account balances.


    I know that was a lot, but I hope it helps! 

  • The migration tool has a huge bug in that it doesn't actually migrate your category balances. I get there are differences in overspending handling, but forcing the user to adjust their budget in the latest month to make the category Available amounts agree with the YNAB4 category balances is silly. 

    Until you do that, the To Be Budgeted value is nonsense.

    Further to that, your CC Payment Available values should be set to the difference between the YNAB4 account and Pre-YNAB Debt category balances. So for an account balance of -£1000 and a PYD balance of -£300, the implicit (not actually displayed) payment reserved in YNAB4 is $700. So budget whatever is necessary as part of the post-migration "cleanup" to make the CC Payment categories correct.

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