credit card reconciliation trouble from ynab4 to new

Hello all,

I made a transfer to pay my credit card on Dec. 27th from checking to credit  in YNAB4 and it has already cleared in my checking but has not posted to my credit card. I want all January transactions to be in the New Ynab 
My credit card has sent me an email saying the payment has been posted but it does not show upon my statement. This always happens, it usually shows up a few days after I get the message. 
The balance from the credit card shows it has been cleared. When it does post, I do not know how to enter it without creating a new transfer which will be wrong since the money from my checking has already been taken out which was recorded and cleared in YNAB4. My checking account is reconciled. Credit card is off 547.00 which I cannot find Hope this makes sense. I am tempted to not record the new payment when it shows up and make an adjustment to balance the cards. I have enough money to cover 547.  Do not know how else to figure this out.I have been using Ynab for a few years so I know how to reconcile but this makes no sense. Thank you! 

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  • You have three choices:

    • Use the CC balance from your statement (which doesn't include the payment) in the starting transaction and enter the payment as an inflow categorized to TBB (instead of a transfer).
    • Same thing, but record the payment as a transfer. Then increase the starting balance in Checking. (Or make a reconciliation adjustment in Checking. Same difference.)
    • Use the online CC balance (which does include the payment) in the starting transaction and don't bother to enter the payment transaction or change anything in Checking.
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    • dakinemaui  I think it is sorted, what you suggested is what support recommended. It was confusing to have one side closed and the other open as a transfer. Thank you!

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  • Purple Captain said:
    I have enough money to cover 547

     FWIW, you don't have to "cover" anything. Your budget is based on the amount in checking, which is correct.

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    • dakinemaui  thank you! Got it, support got me all sorted for now.

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