Mortgage tracking stopped updating the current principal payment

I have my mortgage account linked to YNAB, and have it as a debt in my Tracking section.

Up until July, when my mortgage payment came through, YNAB would subtract the principal payment from my remaining loan balance.   But, starting with the July payment, YNAB has just been repeating the June principal paydown. It says it is connected to my mortgage lender account, but it doesn't pull the updated payment amount. I am unable to manually update the payment amount in the entries. The result is that my mortgage budget category is right for the amounts I pay each month, but the mortgage debt tracking for the amount I still owe is not.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • Unlink and use a recurring transaction to update the balance, using the approximate amount. Reconcile periodically to correct any approximation errors and update the transaction amount. It'll be close enough.

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  • Hi Silver Stallion !

    Since the data for loan accounts is handled differently than that of checking/savings/credit card accounts, these accounts have always proven a bit difficult when it comes to direct import. We’re currently looking into ways of improving that handling on this end. As of now though, if the transactions import incorrectly (or don’t import at all), that’s expected behavior.

     With that said, we certainly understand the motivation for tracking your net worth, so here's an easy way to manage them without direct import:

    1. Create a Scheduled Transaction to show your regular contributions or payments. Or, if you have a lot of activity in the account, give File-Based Importing a try in the web app!
    2. Update the balance like this as it changes, as frequently as you wish.

    Let me know if you have any questions at all! 

  • Thanks for the replies. I'll set up the manual entries for now and update them to correct the difference.

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