You need a new Direct Import Provider

After weeks of issues with your Direct Import Provider being able to import from some of the largest banks I'm putting forth the idea that it's time to reconsider your Import Provider.  In short, they are failing to deliver on the product as intended.

Similarly, YNAB is failing to deliver on their product as advertised.  While bank importing has been around for years, your current implementation is largely a failure and you have to either, reconfigure your pricing to reflect a reduction in services available for reconsider the relationship you have with the Direct Importers.

Considering that Direct Import is a rather common offering, advertising this and failing to deliver is an indication that, as a company, you have your attention elsewhere or lack the resources to address a core functionality.  This doesn't look good.

This is beyond annoying.  If you simply removed the expectation that Direct Import could happen it would be far simpler for the customer to come to terms with that and act accordingly.

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  • Unfortunately, I agree.   YNAB is an outstanding product.

    But Direct Import is giving the product a negative impression.  Something that used to work perfectly is now painful.

    Yodlee perhaps as the new DirectImport provider?

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    • Cadet Blue Wizard Moving import partners isn't always the answer. We're on our third, and have a bit of experience here. 馃槈 When banks make changes to their platform, our import partner has to make some significant changes on their side to re-establish a connection and import transactions.

      If you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request to let our team know you'd like us to look into Yodlee? At this time, we aren't searching for a new partner鈥攂ut I never say never. Quovo, our current partner was recently acquired by Plaid, and we're excited to see where it goes.

      If you have a particular bank connection you'd like us to look at, please let me know!

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  • Hi Cadet Blue Nomad ! I'm moving this over to our Bank Importing section for a better fit.

    When we launched the online version of YNAB, we had one Direct Import partner. We have since added two more in order to provide more stable support for a wider range of financial institutions, improve connection stability, and improve response times.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having connection troubles. There are many moving parts with direct import and any little (or big!) change from the banks can cause disruptions in the connection. If you'd like us to look closer at a particular connection of yours, please let me know.

    While direct import is a really amazing feature (especially when it's working!), we feel our method is strong enough that your budget can still work very well without it. In fact, lots of YNABers don't use direct import at all and they're still able to have and use an awesome budget.

    That said, we are actively working to make this less of a pain point for users (and for us too, since we're all YNABers ourselves!). We're constantly exploring options with existing and new data providers to help with that. Direct import is something we do want to provide as a dependable feature!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • My direct import has been solid for a very long time.  I currently have capital one requesting a code on a regular basis but that is capital one's issue and not ynab's.  Seriously all the direct import whiners should move to the service they think has that great direct import capability with no problems.  Oh yeah...that's right, i think i know why they'd rather just whine on here. 

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    • Herman thanks for the constructive commentary, it really helps foster a community.

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