Winning in a backwards way!

I had a YNAB sub last year and it helped me to work through my finances but didn't really 'click'. I ended up not renewing (big mistake but I couldn't justify it then as for the last few months I had not used it).

Fast forward a few months, money is tight again and I start diligently reading through the amazing content on YNAB and this time it really started making sense. I was working it all out on paper, starting to save (which never happens!) and thinking this would be so much easier with YNAB back.

Next I am on the website looking at the renew subscription form and working out what the amount would be in UK pounds when I suddenly get that "wait, this is not in your budget" little voice in my head...

Before reading up on YNAB I would have just checked my bank balance, seen that there was enough funds to cover the payment and got it.

But now all my money has a job. If I want that subscription I need to budget and save for it.

So thank you YNAB. You finally got through to me! (And yes, I now have a YNAB subscription category).

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  • Have you got a trial? You could probably sign up with a new email address and do a new trial of YNAB. Support very kindly extended my trial period after I started using YNAB so that I could actually budget towards YNAB.

    Now I'm just budgeting a monthly amount towards next year's renewal :)

    After currency conversion fees I paid £66.45, if that helps at all?

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      • Orchid_Banjo.5
      • 6 mths ago
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      Turquoise Major  how long ago was that? I wasnt sure what currency conversion would do so I budgeted for £90... mines through Google play 

  • Hi BookCat !

    We Love those 'A-ha!' moments where things fall into place!

    I think it might be a bit easier to save for that subscription with your budget, so check your account when you have a moment. ;)

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      • 8 mths ago
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      You are amazing! Thank you very much for setting up the trial for me again. Really made my day.

      Now off to transfer the contents of my notebooks with a very happy smile on my face. Never been  so eager to budget and plan before!

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