Is anybody else a bit freaked out by the amount of data YNAB collects?

I'm thinking specifically about the location tracking on the phone apps. My YNAB knows exactly what store I've just shopped at before I enter it, because it can tell where I'm located. This is darned convenient. I like this feature a lot! But I'm wondering if between this and all my financial data, if YNAB knows too much about me.

These days I'm generally getting uneasy with the amount of data that's out there about me -- about all of us. I love the convenience and the connectivity, but I wonder if I'm gradually handing over my life to some Big Brother or AI Master. I don't want to be one of those people who don't go on any social media and never share any of their data, but I don't know where to strike the balance.

(I realize this topic goes well beyond a discussion of YNAB.)

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  • When I returned from a recent trip to Mexico through an airport I’d never been in before, the Global Entry kiosk snapped my photo, and with no further input, printed out a receipt which showed my name, passport number,  and the dates and flights I’d taken to exit and re-enter the country.

    At this point, I’ve given up. If I really cared there’s lots of things I could do differently but giving up personal data usually makes my life much more convenient, as in that instance, when I was through Passport Control and Customs within 6 minutes of deboarding the plane.

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  • Anything that can be tracked is being tracked whether you like it or not. Life would suck with all the things you'd have to give up to avoid it, and even then you're probably not really avoiding it.

    You're worried about YNAB, a small company with barely any resources, meanwhile Google/Apple/cell company already has your GPS data, and the financial institutions have your transaction data.

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      nolesrule The fact that my iPhone alerted me that I would need three hours to drive to my office to hold office hours when I was on a day trip to a neighboring state (because it has learned where I am during that calendar entry) is much more concerning than anything YNAB does. 

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      WordTenor The UK government just gave Amazon all our health stats FOR FREE so Alexa can sell us stuff when we get sick. YNAB have got a looooong way to go before they make it onto my Big Brother Radar. 😎<- spy costume

  • Hi Green Nomad ! It's a strange, new world—right?

    Security is at the top of our list. We know it's important to you, and as YNAB users ourselves, we understand exactly why. Here is our security policy, if you're curious.

    The short version: we do not sell users' data. (And we never have!).

    The Geo Payee feature is completely optional and for your convenience, to enter transactions in the mobile app. You can disable that, if you don't want the YNAB app to use your location data. The steps to do that are in the article above!

  • If you're concerned about YNAB following you, just don't allow the app to use your location.  For Android, I just denied YNAB to use my location services. 

  • As is often quoted on the Internet, "if something is free, you are the product, not the customer."  (Or various permutations on that, apologies for not finding the original attribution).

    Given that we pay for YNAB, I'm actually a bit less concerned.  More worried before two-factor authentication was added.  With security more or less at the minimum level, I think privacy is a valid concern.  However, given this is a paid service, I am again less worried.  Mint (and its ilk) on the other hand ...

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