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I have a note to support, but thought I'd check here. Is there any way to recover deleted categories? I was working in the app (which I normally don't do) and inadvertently deleted a whole category group :( Any way I can get it back, or do I need to recreate it and  rebudget?

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  • Undo works if you haven't closed or refreshed the browser window.

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      dakinemaui Sounds like they were on their phone so no undo button.

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    • jenmas dakinemaui yep - I was on the phone. Which I almost never make major changes except on-the-go transactions :( :( :(

  • FYI if anyone does this in the future - contact Support. This was (part of) their response:

    "Yes, we are able to recover deleted categories for you, to a certain extent. We aren’t able to completely restore your budget to before those categories were deleted though — what we can do is bring back the deleted category which will restore the category itself as well as any funds you’ve budgeted to it over the lifetime of the category."

    • Hi Heatskitchen ! I'm glad that we could get that category group restored for you. 🙂

      I wanted to clarify that we can restore a deleted category, but adjustments to the transactions will need to be done manually. For anyone that might come across this thread—send us a message from within the app, and we'll see what we can do!

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