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Is there support for x-callback-urls on iOS? For example, I can link to ynab:// and it will open the app,  but could I do something like ynab://transaction?id=qerlqweroqwer324 to go straight to a particular transaction? or ynab://account?id=43ekjasdfoa to go straight to a particular account?

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  • Hi Silver Orca !

    Do you mean a permanent link you can use? If you log in to your budget and click an account, you can copy and paste that URL in a separate window to open directly to that account. This will only work if you're already logged in and isn't available for specific transactions (only accounts).

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  • I meant in the iOS app. So, I would like to be able to have a link from Pushover (generated by Zapier) to go to a specific transaction within the app.

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    • Hi Silver Orca ! Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to move your question over to the API section of the forum, so we can get you an answer for that question. 😄

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  • Here is an example of x-callback-urls with evernote:

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  • Silver Orca Thanks for your suggestion. We’re always looking to make the API better and I've passed your feedback to our design team. 👍

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    • George Thanks. It would also be nice to be able to do other things with x-callback-urls like adding a transaction, so that you could use Siri Shortcuts to add transactions without using the web api. So it would work offline as well. And it could take you into the app.

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      • George
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      Silver Orca If you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request for that? That lets our development team know what's important to you. Thanks!

      And anyone else interested can do the same. :)

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  • Silver Orca  You can create a Shortcut in the Shortcuts App, let's call it "Open YNAB". Its only action is "Open App: YNAB". You then attach the URL "shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Open%20YNAB" to your PushOver message, and boom only 27 hacky steps later the App is opening 🙈🙈🙈

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    • Sea Green Saxophone That’s true. You can also do the same thing without Shortcuts with the url “ynab://”, but it only opens the Ynab app and I want to be able to go directly to a particular transaction.

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  • Quite obvious the team have no idea what callback urls are. 

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    • Tetsugaku I probably should have said URL schemes.

      I would also be happy if they supported the same thing with Shortcuts on iOS 13.

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    • Silver Orca oh I know why you mean, so should they. But given the level of support for anything more than “what button do I press next”. I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

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