Blurred out numbers


I seem to have accidentally switched on some sort of privacy mode so all the numbers are blurred out.  I can't see how to switch this back and haven't come up with anything in Search.  Can anyone help please?


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  • That sounds like one of the ToolKit options. If you open the Toolkit settings, under General there is a "Privacy Mode" drop-down that should you be able to set to Disabled. Hope that helps!

    • Coral J Hammerhead Where is this toolkit? This would be useful for me to actually enable

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      • abbydawn
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      Hiking_Mama You can find out more, with download links, at It's a free browser extension for Chrome/Firefox (I believe it works best in Chrome), built by myself and other YNAB users which adds additional features and functionality on top of the YNAB web app. Probably its biggest feature (IMO) is the running balance feature, but there are plenty of minor tweaks and adjustments that may make YNAB work a little better for you.

      In general, I'd recommend it to users who have used the online YNAB for a couple months,  who are generally comfortable with YNAB's methodology and have a strong understanding of how YNAB works. If you're a relatively new to YNAB (it sounds like you've used YNAB in the past, but not the newer online version?), you may want to hold off for a little bit to avoid getting confused/overwhelmed. If you aren't familiar with YNAB's core functionality, it may be a little tricky for you to tell when something you're seeing in the web app is something that is YNAB related, or Toolkit related. Basically, I don't want to accidentally make learning YNAB harder than it needs to be at first. =)

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      Ben And I highly recommend it. The options it offers are invaluable. (That sounds like a bad thing, but it's not: it's a good thing. :) )

  • Yes, that was exactly it.  Thank you!

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