Days of Buffering

For many months my days of buffering worked just fine.  For the past few months (maybe 6), it shows ??? and says "Your budget history is less than 15 days.  Go on with YNAB a while."  Why would that be?  One thing I have done differently is that I now have set up a category for Future Month Budgeting so I don't see next month's money in my To Be Budgeted total.   At the beginning of each month, I change the category of each of the additions of the past month back to the To Be Budgeted Category.  Is that what is causing my issue?

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  • Hi bneuge12 !

    Your Age of Money is the average number of days between when you receive money and when you spend it. As long as you have 10 transactions in a cash account, you should see that number in the upper right hand corner.

    When you say you're changing the category, are you changing the dates or leaving those transactions in a Credit account?

    We have a guide dedicated to the concept of Aging your Money. If that doesn't help get things ironed out, let me know a few more details and we'll go from there! :)

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      • Tim D
      • gsix14
      • 7 mths ago
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      Faness Days of Buffering is a toolkit function. Age of money wasn't mentioned and is irrelevant. 

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    • Tim D Sorry for the confusion there! It sounds like "Days of Buffering" must be the Toolkit equivalent to YNAB's Age of Money?

      I'm not all that familiar with the YNAB Toolkit, as it's not developed by YNAB so we don’t officially support it, but Ben here on the Forum is one of the developers of the Toolkit, so I'm sure he could answer any questions you may have! It sounds like you have it all sorted though. 😊

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      • Ben
      • Toolkit for YNAB Designer & Developer
      • furiousfalcon
      • 7 mths ago
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      Jannelle Just FYI: Days of Buffering tells the users how many days their current money would last based on their average daily spending.

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  • Have you tried resetting your toolkit settings or uninstalling and reinstalling? 

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  • Tim is correct.  Issue was Days of Buffering.  Thanks for reminding me that this was a toolkit function.  I adjusted the Days of Buffering History period and the problem is fixed.  

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  • What's a Toolkit? I have more questions, but I think they start here. 

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    • Ben K. It's a Chrome extension called Toolkit for YNAB (since we didn’t create this extension we don’t officially support it), however,  Ben is often here on the forum and he's one of the developers of it! 

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      • Ben Khaki Storm
      • YNAB book topics online:
      • Khaki_Storm.1
      • 2 wk ago
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      Jannelle ok,  thanks.  I think I'll wait a while.  

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