Negative To Be Budgeted?

I have a negative amount listed above in the red "To Be Budgeted" amount and I'm not sure why.  I've checked future months but they all have zero budgeted.  How can I figure out how to resolve this short of just blindly allocating funds from one category to cover this mysterious negative?



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  • A negative To Be Budgeted means one of two things: 

    -- It's possible you had cash/checking overspending in the June, which reduces the following month's TBB number. Maybe double check that a late transaction (potentially something purchased in June, but not entered into YNAB until early July) didn't cause a category to become overspent.

    -- Or, you simply overbudgeted your current funds.


    Either way, the fix is to move money around -- either fixing overspending last month by moving money from other categories, or reducing your budgeted amounts in the current month.

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  • This can sometimes happen if you accidentally input the wrong transaction date on a manually entered transaction.  E.g. even though it's already July, I'll still (!!!) occasionally record an outflow with year "2017" instead of "2018".  This causes unresolved overspending, which YNAB propagates all the way to the present as a deduction to my available "Funds for <Current Month>", which in turn could make the "To Be Budgeted" balance negative.

    So if you're confident this isn't a simple case of over-budgeting your current funds, then you might look for any un-reconciled / uncleared transactions with old dates.

  • Hi Beige Wildcat !

    If you're using the web app, the header will tell you the amount of funds you had to budget for the month vs. the amount you budgeted. For instance, if you had $500 to budget but you budgeted $600, then your To Be Budgeted would be -$100.

    Take a look at the header and let me know if that doesn't help clear things up! :)

  • Thanks for the quick responses!  I'm still learning the nuances of YNAB and had moved around funds that caused the negative without realizing it.  All fixed!

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