Transactions doesn't support server_knowledge?

Hey YNAB - first off I just want to offer a huge THANK YOU for opening up your api for developers! I've wanted to write some simple, custom, financial dashboard applications for quite some time and getting at my own financial data via an api has been a challenge until now.

One question: The /budgets/<guid>/transactions api doesn't appear to support server_knowledge for delta requests. Did you miss this api? Do you plan to support delta requests on it in the future?

I see that it has a 'since_date' parameter but I suspect that this could be misleading since occasionally transactions can take a couple days to come through from my bank (so I might get a transaction from my bank today but the transaction date is from yesterday or the day before). 

Ultimately I'm aiming to get the transaction delta from the last time that I pulled the transactions (the date of the transactions could be fuzzy). I can implement my own reconciliation logic for now but it'd be easier if I could just leverage delta requests from you. :) 

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  • Blue Mask Thanks for the request and for giving an explanation for your specific need there.  We didn't specifically omit /budgets/<guid>/transactions from supporting delta but it does seem like this would be a good one to have it.  I'll add this to our list.  In the meantime you could do a delta request on /budgets/:id and check the data.transactions array for the presence of transactions.

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  • Update: /budgets/<guid>/transactions  now supports delta requests.

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