Any way to make target goals by date RECURRING?

Hey everyone I’m curious if when you set a goal by a target date if it’s possible to make that goal a recurring event. 

For example (and this could apply to a couple of different budget categories for me), I have my HOA insurance that is usually around $350/yr and debited from my account on July 30th. Note: I’ve already paid it this year and met my target funding goal but is there any way to make this a recurring goal every July 30th? 

This is separate than monthly category funding goals because this to me seems more exact. Is this feature available? Love YNAB thanks for the great product and support staff!


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  • So far I just adjust the year manually after making a yearly payment. It's not automated but personally I don't mind too much, it's become part of the satisfaction of "I was ready for this 😎" 🙂

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  • Hey Mike! ( Purple Vacuum )

    I'm so glad you're loving YNAB, and that you're able to save up for those yearly expenses like it's no big deal! That's awesome. 💪


    Like Coral Hammerhead said, there isn't a way to make goals recurring, but I think it's a great idea! Sometime in the near future we want to give the goals feature a bit of TLC, so would you mind submitting your idea via the Feature Request Form? From there it's collected in a database, and just about every day, our Design Team combs through and codes them all, asking questions like Where is this person in their budgeting journey? What problem are they wanting to solve? Then, in regular research cycles they analyze all this collected feedback to plan for what’s up next  in YNAB!


    Thanks so much Mike, and happy budgeting!

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  • Is this feature available yet? Am wondering the same right now with my homeowner insurance ! 😬

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      Khaki Sander nope, it's still a manual edit to advance.

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    • Hi Khaki Sander !

      This feature isn't available yet, but we're looking into it! We just made a number of changes to the goals feature and we're working on improving them even further! :)

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  • I'm looking sooo much forward to that, as I'm very specific in my budget. So each person in my family has to entries, birthday and christmas. Also all our non monthly "subscribtions" insurance, loans, electric, water etc... I have around 50-60 non montly recurring lines, and I really dislike that I have to remember creating the goal again, for now I've just calculated the monthly and done it that way, but sometimes I get an extra bill due to electric is over / under, and then I have to manually transfer money to / from that budget.   I would love for it to be.. Oh you got an extra small bill, this means you have to add this amount each month to now reach the goal. Something like that :)

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    •   Also it makes budgetting in the next month pretty errorprone. I'm trying to do the 3 month ahaed, so thatI have enough on the account to live 3 month, which means today I budget the money for february, but if a yearly goal is between now and the month I budget, all the Target By Date goals doesn't work, even if I set the goal for next year, as it looks at the budget and goes.. Yep you have the money, no need to add more, so I manually have to add to those.


      For me the best would be the recurring goal, but a compromise could be add multiple goals and that the goals look into the upcomming payments, so if a payment is upcomming it should deduct that in goal calculations.. Hope that make sense.. 

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    • Cornflower Blue Disk Consider budgeting only through next month and keeping the rest in an Income Replacement category. This avoids the issue with non-recurring goals and is far fewer numbers to edit as priorities and book about inevitably change. Not flipping back and forth through multiple screens saves time as well.

      Totally agree on the recurring Goals, though. Such an obvious thing that should have been there from the start.

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  • I came here looking for this exact thing and it seems i will be adding my name to the waiting list of those who want this feature.... 

    Make target goals by date RECURRING so that when a goal is reached it automatically starts the goal by target date over with the same parameters as the previous one just with a new end date. IE: Xmas gifts spend by date goal rolls around in Dec, in Jan it starts the 12 month goal over for the exact same amount but instead of Dec 2019 it now has a goal date of Dec 2020 with anything left over in that budget line item from the previous year being applied to the new goal. Even just a check box for the option to make it recurring or not would be AWESOME! I nearly lost an entire month of budgeting for a future goal because the goal date came, I had the money set aside, I paid it and then I needed to start saving for the exact same amount in 12 months. This already works for spend per each month so now it needs to be able to be applied to 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12 or how ever many months your recurring payment needs to be set up for. I have 3 budget line items that are due every 3 months and some that are every 6 months along with the usual every 12 months that all need saved for so that the payments aren't a shock to my budgeted amounts. Yes I already use the recurring bills in the transaction register so now the goals needs to match those! If I put in a recurring bill it should automatically make the matching budget line item goal recurring.

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  • I am with those that want to make target goal by date reoccurring.  I can see that it would be very useful to NOT have to do this manual intervention on each one I have established, for the next occurence of the same budgeted item.  

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  • Adding my name to the list of people who would love this! It would be very useful for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual bills so that I can target having the money there when I need it without having to manually set it again. Would also be great for seasonal expenses that aren't bills, like saving money for Christmas gifts

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  • Hi all!

    Thank you for adding your thoughts here! We're working on ways to further improve goals and have a few things up our sleeves! If you have any details you'd like to pass along to our Product Team, please don't hesitate to submit a Feature Request. :)

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