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I've been a YNAB user since YNAB2, and I am fed up with the stupidity that is YNAB Web Credit Card handling! I just spent three hours to figure out that every time over the last year when I transferred money to my credit card, I was storing up trouble. I have always looked at my CC balance on the bank's website and just paid that, or sometimes a little (or a lot) more. After all, I don't carry a balance, money anywhere is money somewhere...I have YNAB to ensure I get that right! (so I thought)

It turns out I have to find 600 Euro extra this month because YNAB stupidly treats an overpayment as money to be budgeted, which I duly budgeted in other categories! This means that, despite the fact that I have paid my credit card off every month for the last 7 years, I have actually been on the float since switching to the new version of YNAB. Thanks for helping me accrue debt with your, we know better, attitude to credit card handing.


(Yes, I feel better, and yes, I'll keep using YNAB because I'd be bankrupt without it...but really, your credit card handling is madness)

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  • If you are a paid in full user you may find it better to convert your credit card accounts to checking accounts.  A lot of people that do not like the new CC handling have done that.

    If you used YNAB 4 or earlier then it will behave like that.

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      • Lavender_Nomad
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      ynaber2613 How do you do this ?

    • Mouse Create a new checking account with a similar name to the credit card account.  Go to the credit card account and unhide all transactions and then select all transactions and then use the edit menu at the top to move the selected transactions to the new account.  It may take a while to move them if there are a lot of transactions.  Once all transactions are moved to the new account and you are satisfied with the result you can delete the empty credit card account.

      If you decide you do not like it you can reverse the process or if you have not closed the YNAB app you can probably use the undo function.

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      • Lavender_Nomad
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      ynaber2613 Thanks for that ...I will give that a try as I too are struggling with credit cards in YNAB 👍

  • Hi Doug !

    Thanks so much for your frank and honest feedback about the credit card handling, it really is appreciated. We'll never finish improving credit card handling, so I'll be sure to pass along your feedback so it can be taken into account during the research process. Overpaying a CC (therefore creating a positive balance) is an especially sticky subject, and a pain point for those who experience it! I am so very sorry that you ran into that, and had to spend so much time/effort to clean it up. 


    Here are some pointers that will hopefully help:

    When your credit card has a positive balance, YNAB treats it like any other cash account - the positive balance is added to your To be Budgeted amount. Here are some important things to note about cards with positive balances:

    1. You may see that the amount Available in your Credit Card Payment category is negative. That’s because you sent more money to the card than you had Available. Use some of the ‘extra’ To be Budgeted money to cover that overspending before you do anything else. 
    2. When you make a purchase on a card with a positive balance, no money will move to the Credit Card Payment category, since you don’t have anything to pay back. 


    Let me know how it goes!

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