Monthly income in new YNAB

I have finally decided to try the new YNAB and migrating from YNAB Classic. In the old YNAB at top of Budget screen had line for income for the month and if clicked on it could see the income for the month and source of income. I can not find a similar function in new YNAB so can see income for the month without scrolling all the way through the transactions for the month. What am I missing because  I would like a more convenient way to find this information. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • You're not missing anything.   This information is not on the budget page.  The closest thing I've found to that YNAB 4 click through is to run the Income vs. Expense report.

    In new YNAB, all income is TBB and can be used to budget the current month or any future month of the budgeter's choosing.  There is no support for marking income not available for the current month in order to use it for next month while keeping the current month TBB at zero.

    If you choose to follow the official methodology of new YNAB, you must budget your income every time you receive it, whether that is once a month, twice a month, or 16 times in a month.  When you have totally budgeted this month, you're supposed to move forward and partially budget next month until TBB is zero.   At that level of piecemeal budgeting, income for (month) becomes a meaningless concept.

    This has been difficult for people who learned to love Income for Next Month and budgeting a full month in one session to accept, so many of us use some sort of workaround to force income into month-sized chunks for budgeting purposes.  Most of the workarounds are designed to re-create the effects of Income for Next Month, which does not exist in new YNAB and will not be coming back.

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  • Probably not what you're looking for, but when you don't have any categories selected on the Budget view, you'll see a "Total Inflows" amount on the right-side "inspector" area.  (Sadly you can't click on that to see the individual inflow transactions.)

    Otherwise, if you're trying to adopt an "Income for Next Month" workflow in the new YNAB (to recreate the behavior of YNAB Classic), a popular technique is to record your inflow transactions directly into a user-defined category (e.g. "Income for Next Month") instead of the system-defined "Inflow: To Be Budgeted".  If you do that, you'll have convenient access to review your individual inflows from within the Budget screen by clicking on the "Activity" balance in your user-defined "Income for Next Month" category.

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    • bret  Why did YNAB not keep the feature of being able to see individual entries when click on total inflow? That total inflow is what I was looking for , if they had on previous, why not keep it?

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      • bret
      • bret
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      Cyan Mermaid 

      I'm just another user like you; I can't explain the design decisions of the new YNAB.

      But I can tell you that the new YNAB is not merely a web-version of YNAB classic, and the differences are not just cosmetic. The way income is handled in particular -- and Rule-4 in general -- has been completely reworked in the new version. So you shouldn't expect/assume things will behave the same...

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  • Thanks for the replies. I found that useful information for me when I was budgeting to know if I had added all income for the month as I have several sources of income. I guess I'll see if I can get use to this.

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    • Hi Cyan Mermaid !

      I'm happy the posts above were able to help! You can let our development team know you'd like to see that income view in the online version of YNAB by submitting a Feature Request! :)

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