How to pay for an emergency

I just started YNAB at the end of October and I have already accomplished a few goals! That being said, I have a  questions. I have urgent dental work that needs to be completed sooner rather than later to the tune of $2k. Ouch.  How do you budget for urgent expenses or emergencies? I know that I could take it from other places if I was further along, but I don't have that money yet as I just started. 

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  • Sometimes you have to take on (more) debt. Sometimes there's no choice. 

    You could try to pick up an extra shift, or start a side hustle, have a garage sale, or sell something online if you are motivated to.

    If you choose to take on debt, know that it's not a failure. You are still aware of your finances. Knowingly taking on debt is still smarter than burying your head in the sand. 

    Don't let this derail you. Stop the I've-gone-over-budget-already-so-I-might-as-well-buy-this before it begins. Setbacks happen, and as you progress, you'll have less of these sorts of tough decisions to make. Good luck!

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  • Good advice from JoyfulSong !

    Practically, in your budget, if you're charging that dental work on a card, then it will be orange and overspent in your budget. You'll leave the orange there -- that's how to create debt -- and then in future months, budget to the Credit Card Payment category to gradually pay it off.

    I’m going to mark this as answered, but please feel free to tag me in a reply or post again here if we can tie up any more loose ends for you!

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