Transfers between accounts also shows up as money to be budgeted

I have a transfer from a checking account to a credit card.  Both accounts show the inflow and outflow.  However, it also shows up in the money to be budgeted as if it is new money instead of a credit card payment.  I tried logging out and rebooting.  I tried deleting and reentering the transaction but no luck.  I still have an erroneous amount to be budgeted.  

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  • Hey  Navy Blue Mermaid , that's really strange. I'd love to look into this for you, so I'm going to move this over to a private channel where we can take a look at what's going on in your budget. We'll get this figured out. ;)

  • Alright! 

    If you'd like, I can take a look at your budget. To do so, we'll need permission to access your YNAB account.

    Permission, once granted, is read-only. This may include filtering, sorting, or hiding/unhiding of transactions and categories if necessary. Know that your budget will be handled with care and will only be seen by our support staff and development staff.

    Additionally, we often find it helpful to provide annotated screenshots or video of your budget using a secure service. Any videos or screenshots of your budget are automatically deleted from this service after one month. We may retain selected images securely and internally in order to internally describe and diagnose future issues. If you would rather we don’t use visuals in our response, please let us know.

    Other than for these purposes alone, your budget won't be shared in any way.

    If you're up for it, simply reply to this email letting us know it's okay to access your account, and the name of the budget we should take a look at.  If you have more than one budget and don’t specify a budget name, we’ll take a look at the most recently opened budget. We do not need your email or password.


  • Hi Dan,


    I can send you a screen-shot from Jing if that is what you mean.  I have a transfer from [edited out by Dan at YNAB ]  Also I have noticed that the months up to August are now being affected as before the change of each month, the money to be budgeted was always zero.  Now some of them are red instead of green and a zero amount.  This seems to be happening with credit card accounts, but I am not sure.  

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      Nancy Welter Thanks for sending in that screenshot. And sorry for the long delay! The holidays caused us to be a bit low on support help. But we're back!

      I don't see any immediate reasons to believe something's amiss. But maybe I can help you see if all the cash in your accounts are accurately represented in your budget. 

      So here’s a way you can verify every dollar in your bank account(s) is reflected in your budget – and not a dollar more.


      1. Advance to next month's budget. (The math is easier there, because all overspending is covered.)

      2. In the right sidebar, when no categories are selected, you’ll see your Total Available amount, which is the sum of the Available column.

      3. Add that to the amount you have left To be Budgeted and any amount Budgeted in Future, if applicable.


      Let’s stop here for a minute, just in case your To be Budgeted was negative. If it is, you would need to subtract it from Total Available, because that means you’ve given jobs to dollars you don’t yet have. Preferably though, you would go back to this month’s budget and budget less in a few categories until To be Budgeted is back in the green at $0.


      4. Now, add up the cash in your budget. That includes checking, savings, and cash accounts, plus any positive balances on credit cards if applicable.

      5. Your totals in step 3 and 4 should match, to the penny.


      If they match up, then you know your To be Budgeted is accurate. Which just means you've budgeted more money than you actually have on hand. Now, if you’d like any dollars to be in a different category, you can confidently move money. :)

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  • Okay, I totaled up all cash in my budget account. I added the Total Available to To Be Budgeted. Cash in accounts equaled Total Available + To Be Budgeted to the penny. As long as that is equal, does that mean that when a transfer between accounts is made and shows up also in To Be Budgted that I can safely move that amount in To Be Budgeted into categories so that To Be Budgted returns to zero?

    • Hi Nancy ,

      I'm jumping in for Dan here. You're exactly right! With everything adding up correctly you are all set to move positive amounts in your To be Budgeted into your budget categories. You should be all set now!

      Now that this has been resolved, do we have your permission to edit out screenshots and personal details and then move this conversation back onto the public forum?


  • Yes, you do.  

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