Reconciliation in Mobile App

I would love to be able to reconcile my accounts in the mobile app. 

For context, I use the mobile app primarily. I like to reconcile my accounts at the end of the month - specifically my investment tracking accounts. Reconciling is the easiest way to add an adjustment transaction for the amount the account went up or down. Since I’m not always at home on the last day of the month, it would be super helpful to be able to do this easily from my phone. 

Currently I have to use the calculator app to calculate the difference, and then create a new transaction for that difference. Trying to remember all those balances while switching apps is a pain and prone to error.

Even better would be a manual “Reconcile Tracking Account” button that would reach out to the connected bank account and make an adjustment based on the difference in balances. This would still be a manual step, so it would force us to stay involved with these accounts, but it would avoid the trouble of remembering the balance while switching apps.  

Thanks for listening! :)

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  • I would also like to see this happen; Hopefully within this new year of requests.  :)

    Requesting the desktop site through my share button doesn't work. Still redirected to the app suggestion.

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  • I put in a request via the support page on this as well.  They said even if we go to the desktop not all the functions will work.  So we are stuck.  If you have a vpn into your house to your desktop you could remote from your device into your home computer and run the desktop from there.  At this point we have to wait.  Just to let you know I was able to get to the desktop on my iPad and it really does not work at all on it.  I did a reconcile and then went back to my desktop to see and it did not transfer over and I had to do all the work over again.

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  • In100% after that there needs to be a reconciliation option in the mobile app. Nowadays that so much is done online and most people use mobile devices for this type of thing, having to log in to the computer to reconcile is not convenient. Please add this feature. 

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      • Herman
      • herman
      • 11 mths ago
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      Bluurocks what mobile browser?  I use chrome on android and requesting the desktop site works great.  I too would like reconciliation in the mobile app.

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      • Bluurocks
      • bluurocks
      • 11 mths ago
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      i am referring to the mobile app. Would be better built in. 

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  • Just to let you know YNAB answered this thread a while ago and pretty much is not checked by them.  Email them on the support page and request an enhancement.  If everyone does it that way they may understand it.  I have been looking for a replacement for YNAB for little while now since they have not bothered to give this update.  If the APP does not work like the web page then make the mobile web page work.  There is two ways to make your customers happy give them at least one.  So with that email them and request it.

    That link goes to the feedback page for them..

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      • Blue Packet
      • Blue_Packet.1
      • 11 mths ago
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      Daniel Rufus Thanks for the knowledge and updates. I've submitted a form through the link you've posted.  :)  Here's hoping we get it!

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  • Hi


    This has been bugging me as well request desktop doesnt work for me


    I found a way to view ynab website without it calling the app for ipad, might be similar on other mobile devices.


    First of all, Go to ynab website in Safari and hold your finger down  on the refresh button (at the end of the website url/name) until menu appears and choose request desktop site

    Then hold your finger down on the login until menu appears and then choose open in new tab, that then takes you to the login details on the website where you can access website version of ynab, note if you dont do above step everytime then it will take you to download app page on subsequent visits 

    Another option is to bookmark this url that might do it as well


    i tried this in chrome as well but it takes you to a page to download the app :( even with request desktop step but going to the url above worked fine in chrome


    hope that helps





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  • I tried your way here on Safari and it does work going to the webpage but it is limited.  You can not edit the Payee if you need to and changing the category can be done but is difficult.  You need to do an Edit on it and then a drop down menu shows up.

    After talking to them at YNAB this is still not a good way.  They really don't want users to use the web page since it is not 100% and one thing you don't want to do with your finances is hope for the best when using the app.  The best thing to do is to request an update to the app through the link provided earlier in this chain.

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    • Daniel Rufus 


      yep agreed, on the positive at least i can clear multiple transactions without having to boot up my laptop 

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  • One other thing the app does not let you filter out cleared items it just lists everything which is a pain.

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  • As someone who recently went iPad only, I’ll toss in one more +1.

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  • Still no movement on this one — i just submitted three feature requests again:  reconcile in app, spending report in app and using web-version from iPad browser. 

    Here’s the link to the Feature Request form if others would like to help barrage the developers with this request : ).

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  • This feature is essential to become iPad only (like Federico Vittici). I can do lot of things with my iPro Pro 2018  12,9” but can’t reconcile an account!

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    • Hi Pink Guitar !

      If you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request for mobile reconciliation? That lets our development team know this feature is important to you! :)

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    • Faness how many of these do you actually need before you do something about it?  A ball park please, guess will be good!  I know there has been a number of these already submitted.  What does it take to get it escalated?  Do we all have to leave YNAB to get it done?

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    • Daniel Rufus We truly hope it wouldn't come to such drastic measures! There isn't a set number of feature requests we aim for, but our development team collects them. They're analyzed and coded based on the issue addressed by the possible feature, how it would help users, and other factors.

      Our research cycles are then designed around that feedback to plan what’s next  in YNAB. 

      We know reconciliation on mobile would be a nice feature to have and it has been brought up, but we don't have a roadmap for it just yet.

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      • Khaki Storm
      • YNAB book topics online:
      • Khaki_Storm.1
      • 9 mths ago
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      Faness sounds like an Agile process, idea you a backlog, select ones based on need and other voting methods. I'm learning about it at work and will be certified soon. 

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  • I’d like to add another +1 for this, and I’ll submit it as a feature request to the devs, too. 

    I use YNAB on all my devices and because I’m still getting the hang of how to handle splitwise and reimbursements, I do have to do some reconciliations every now and then to keep the accounts accurate. 

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  • I'll yell my +1 into the howling storm of indifference. 


    I don't understand how such a great, polished app doesn't already have this feature. My only guess is YNAB wants to drive traffic to its desktop site for some reason. No idea why that would be the case but there has to be some bizarre reason for omitting such an obvious, oft requested feature.

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  • Problem is people keep asking here for the feature and it does not get counted you need to do that through their feature request link that has been posted here a few times.  

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    • Daniel Rufus I submitted a feature request before posting here. Good reminder to everyone else interested in getting mobile reconciliation though

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    • Slate Gray Inspector great....wish they would move on this one and another one would be able to filter out what has been reconciled so you don’t have a long list of transactions.

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    • Hi Daniel Rufus and Slate Gray Inspector ! 

      We hear you loud and clear! We want the mobile app to be as functional as the web app, but we have a long way to go (and a lot of things to cram into the mobile app). We have a lot of things planned, but no solid road map just yet - we hope you'll like the changes coming! :)

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    • Faness  I’ve submitted this at least a couple of times too… Nothing ever gets done – looking at the forums this has been going on well over a year. So disillusioned that the “full featured mobile app” missed basic functionality like reconciliation. Bah humbug!

      and seriously - ,(this isn’t personal, I know you’re following the script you’ve been given— this comment is for your leadership team so please pass it up the ladder) -  the customer service cheerfulness is getting annoying after the marketing that this is a full featured mobile app. It’s missing key functionality that HAS been submitted to the feature request and there’s still not even a  roadmap. 

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  • I finally moved over from the desktop program over a year ago. I did this because YNAB finally had an app that may work away from a desktop.  After moving over I quickly found out that I can’t reconcile on the iPad app.  Well once again, just like the move from the desktop program to web based app it’s missing basic features.  I delt with it by going to my desktop to reconcile.  I’m away from my desktop more and more and today i tried  a work around to reconcile by going to the web site on the ipad and guess what...... I can’t.   That’s how I ended up here reading that you can not use the iPad on the web based service and I still have to go to the desktop to reconcile.  This is unbelievable and stupid. Please fix this so that I can just do the basic budget and checkbook functions at least. 

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    • Hi Gary Fulton !

      Sorry about that! Most mobile browsers aren't suited for the web app, so it redirects to the mobile app. We do want the mobile app to eventually be fully featured, so thank you for letting us know reconciliation is something you'd like to see sooner rather than later. 

      You can let our development team know directly by submitting a Feature Request. :)

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    • Faness LOL, people have been asking for this over a year now.  I am sure you know this.  I am also sure you know we have filled the feature request.  We have never gotten any responses from this no feed back at all.  We want to see a time frame and feed back.  If the feature can not be done then say so!

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    • Daniel Rufus There's a saying that you make plans, and then life happens. We try not to give set time frames because we don't want something unavoidable to come up after we've made promises on a certain date. We do realize reconciliation on mobile is a highly coveted feature and our development team has it on their radar. I can't say for certain how long it will take, but we do plan to make it happen - app willing. :)

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  • Raising my hand for bringing this feature enhancement to the top of the list.
    Here's context:  During the recent version upgrade several of my accounts didn't perform Direct Import function accurately.  Consequently, where once I trusted that my YNAB accounts were in sync with my Financial Account balances -- that was not the case anymore.  After presenting the question of "what the heck?" to YNAB support, I was advised that a daily reconciliation routine would help to assure me that YNAB and Financial Institution balances were matching.  GREAT!
    Started following the routine yesterday morning while sitting at my desktop PC.  This morning (Saturday), while doing the casual iPad web browsing and life organization stuff, I started the YNAB app to do my daily reconciliation ...
    OOPS, no RECONCILIATION buttons/functions on the YNAB mobile app. 
    Hard to follow YNAB support advice when usual practice is to maintain balances on my iPad and iPhone, or when traveling and otherwise away from home.
    PLEASE BUMP UP this feature on the mobile app priority list!!!  Thanks.

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  • Well I’m not sure if it will ever happen. I have been a user since the desktop app. I reluctantly moved over because of syncing and wanted to use tablet and YNAB stopped development on desktop app. I have not seen much improvement toward feature comparably  

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  • I have been told over the length of this board that you need to request the feature and it will be looked at. That is where it dies.  I have never seen any real response about it other then add the request and they will get to it some time in the future.  I believe they can't do it or won't do it.  I have been looking for a program for months now to replace YNAB since they don't seem to care about this feature at all and I know there are a lot of people out there who want it and have requested it but no response after that.  Once something comes about that works mostly as good as YNAB I will leave them behind.  It gets very tiring to request something and get no response.  If you want me to stay around get this added or at least give real updates and not the please put a request in BS.  I have done that a number of times!

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  • Hi everyone!

    I wanted to give a bit of an update to ease the growing tension here. :)

    We want the mobile app to be as feature-filled as the web app, but we're just not there yet. Reconciliation on mobile is on our roadmap, but it will take some time. I can't say how much time, but it is in our plans. When we get closer, we'll update our What’s Up Next page. 

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