Reconciliation in Mobile App

I would love to be able to reconcile my accounts in the mobile app. 

For context, I use the mobile app primarily. I like to reconcile my accounts at the end of the month - specifically my investment tracking accounts. Reconciling is the easiest way to add an adjustment transaction for the amount the account went up or down. Since I’m not always at home on the last day of the month, it would be super helpful to be able to do this easily from my phone. 

Currently I have to use the calculator app to calculate the difference, and then create a new transaction for that difference. Trying to remember all those balances while switching apps is a pain and prone to error.

Even better would be a manual “Reconcile Tracking Account” button that would reach out to the connected bank account and make an adjustment based on the difference in balances. This would still be a manual step, so it would force us to stay involved with these accounts, but it would avoid the trouble of remembering the balance while switching apps.  

Thanks for listening! :)

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  • (Spent one month screwing up my out of balance accounts due to not realizing this feature is web app only!!!)


    Two years later and folks are screaming for app manual adjustment capabilities..


    I upgraded to premium..could you please use some of our premiums upgrades to code this ASAP???

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      • No more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars
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      Superbone I've been on the wait list for Ultra Premium for two years. 

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    • Vibrant 

      I just upgraded to double top secret proba...premium and the app now reconciles on mobile and gives me a 25% discount on all spending

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    There is no such thing as Premium or Ultra Premium. It's a joke.


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      Matthew 😉

  • In addition to this, it would be nice to hide reconciled transactions on mobile like we have on web.

  • While we're at it, why not allow us to hide scheduled transactions on mobile also like we have on web?

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  • Alright YNAB, enough is enough. This is getting ridiculous, it's seriously pissing off your customers, and your constant "we're working on it" nonsense is old. Super old. This is NOT a difficult feature to add. 

    This is 2020, a LOT of people don't have computers and rely on mobile devices. I have a computer and I don't WANT to use it for this. I want to use the app. That I pay for! To do *what* I pay for.


    Are you guys seriously this dense?

  • Ummm, it’s 2 -years- later and I still cannot reconcile / adjust balance in the iPad/iPhone.



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      • Cadet_Blue_Guitar.6
      • 1 yr ago
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      Maroon Hammer It is mindboggling to me too that such a key feature is not integrated in the Android app. Mobile should be at the forefront in 2020, it should not be an afterthought.

    • Hi Maroon Hammer !

      Mobile reconciliation is a super popular feature request. At this point—with our development resources focused on a visual redesign of the mobile app and continued improvements to the web app—we don’t expect to see mobile reconciliation in the very near future. It wouldn’t make sense for us to add the feature then redesign the app, but the team will certainly revisit it once the redesign is complete.

      We can't say for certain how much time this will take, but it is something we're planning for the future!

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