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The "life plan" (I call it that to cheer myself up because it looks like a pipedream) is to start an online business, become stinkin'rich in the next few years and move to a Greek island.

The everyday reality is that I lost my disability benefits (translates as welfare) a few years ago, and most of the rest of my income when my youngest turned 18 - without losing the disability. (Yes, The System is designed to cheat the vulnerable.) The disabilities don't show but effectively reduce my work capacity to a total 1 week in 1-2 months. From September of 2018 my income will be about 1/3 of my lowest-possible outgoings, and I do have savings but if I keep eating them, they will run out about a decade before my state pension kicks in.

I've also had a few overwhelming life changes over the years. Just when I thought things were calming down, yet another body blow this year.

But y'know, let's stay positive.